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Why Accept Bitcoins?

Designed for Merchants

Digital currency can be complicated. We take away the hassle.

Thinking of accepting Bitcoin payments for your business? Our simple app makes it easy for any merchant to start accepting Bitcoin in seconds.

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Easy Set-Up

Our app makes it simple for merchants to start accepting Bitcoins in seconds. Accepting Bitcoins shouldn't be stressful. We have simplified and streamlined the process.

Simple Pricing

Set up your online store in seconds. No sign-up is needed. Just select your home currency, input your Bitcoin address, and start making sales.


Pricing is simple: Free! We do not currently charge any fees for accepting Bitcoin payments. (Credit card payments still cost 2.9% + $0.35 through Stripe™)

Mobile users like things fast. Coinbox payments are quick! Usually within a second.

No Extra Hardware is needed to accept credit cards! You can accept credit cards right on your phone by tapping the card to the phone using NFC technology. For non-NFC credit cards, your camera can finish the credit card transaction.

No Extra Hardware Needed!

E-mail Receipts, and keep track of your customers

2.9% + $0.35

No Monthly fees, deposits are done within 7 days. Sign up in seconds.

Accept Credit Cards too!

Instant Transactions

Bitcoin transactions are instant. There is no waiting for merchant deposits. Think of it as instant cash.

No Chargebacks

Forget credit card chargebacks. Bitcoin transactions won't result in customer disputes.

No Merchant Fees

Best of all, it is FREE! We mean it. Zero merchant fees. Don’t give 3% of all your sales to a bank, give that cash back to your customers!


Access a wider market. Bitcoin transactions are international. Charge in whatever currency you choose, and save your travelling customers some money.

Join a Movement!

More and more businesses are accepting Bitcoin as a form of currency. It is changing the way of online and in-person business. Join this fun and exciting movement today. Find out more at

Incorporate discounts for Bitcoin payments to reward your customers!


Designed for Security

We never ask for your private BitCoin keys. You control your Bitcoin Account, or use one of our trusted partners.


All communication is through secure SSL connections. We never ask for your private information.


Credit card information is never stored, and is passed securely to Stripe™, a CTI™ certified processor.



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